CIJE VEX Robotics League

In a world where innovation meets tradition, the CIJE VEX Robotics Tournament stands out, designed exclusively for Jewish educational institutions.

This pioneering initiative was launched to address the challenge of Shabbat observance conflicting with conventional tournament schedules, offering a league that respects, values, and unites Jewish schools. 

The CIJE Robotics League challenges Elementary (4-5), Middle (6-8), and High School students to work together to build a robot that will compete in a challenge. Schools participate either by running a Robotics class or forming an extracurricular Robotics Club.

Students learn advanced programming, mechanical building, teamwork, and problem-solving. CIJE runs multiple tournaments throughout the year. The annual theme and challenge follow the official Vex Robotics Challenge.

Team Structure

  • Elementary School: We recommend a team of 2-3 students.
  • Middle School: We recommend a team of 2-3 students.
  • High School: We recommend a team of 5-7 students.

League Goals

  • Facilitate teamwork through authentic multidisciplinary tasks.
  • Engage students in problem-solving.
  • Encourage learning through trial and error.
  • Hands-on experience in mechanical building.


  • CIJE plans regular inter-school tournaments throughout the year for students to compete.
  • Middle School has additional options for boys-only and girls-only accommodations.
  • High School Tournaments take place only in the NY/NJ area.