Is Your School Ready to Join CIJE?

Join 200+ Jewish day schools and yeshivot across the United States
who trust CIJE to level-up their students' STEAM education

Future Proof Your Education

Prepare your students for jobs that don’t exist yet through STEAM-based skill-building. The skills CIJE programs build include critical thinking, resilience, teamwork, innovation, and more.

Center Curiosity In Learning

Students learn when their questions lead the way. Inquiry-based learning encourages curiosity, increases motivation, heightens engagement, and deepens understanding. CIJE programs are constructed around inquiry-based, hands-on learning.

Membership Benefits

CIJE programs prepare students for an ever-changing world. Partner with us to leverage:

  • Comprehensive STEAM Curricula
  • Marketable 21st Century Skills
  • Hands-On Learning Strategies
  • Year-Round Teacher Support

Signature Events

Give your students the opportunity to collaborate and compete at CIJE events. Building prototypes, hacking, and competing are exciting and fun ways to learn new skills and make new friends. Events include:

  • Innovation Day
  • Annual Hackathon
  • Robotics Tournaments
  • and much more!

Professional Development

Year-round professional development opportunities for your teachers include:

  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Summer STEAM Conference
  • Virtual Teacher Workshops
  • Subject Cohort Meetups

What can a CIJE membership can do for your school community?

Email Faigy Ravitz, Vice President of Professional Development, to learn more about CIJE’s custom solutions for your needs. Sliding scale pricing ensures that every school has access to CIJE programs, so reach out to start a conversation today.