Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education
Investing in the Jewish Future Through Excellence in Jewish Education

In today's fast-paced, technology driven world, it is more important than ever that Jewish parents can provide their children with a quality Jewish education. In addition to Judaic Studies, we need Jewish students to excel in math and science, reading and writing, thinking and reasoning, so that they will be ready to tackle tomorrow's challenges and opportunities.

At the Center for Initiatives in Jewish Education we are proudly investing in the Jewish future by providing our beneficiary schools with innovative programming, cutting-edge technology and vital support.

We are different than other organizations in our "hands-on" approach to improving schools. Our personnel are in the trenches with teachers, administrators and parents to make sure that Jewish day schools and yeshivot are current and competitive and can provide an outstanding education that cannot be found anywhere else.

We are excited to have you learn about our mission to ensure that the Jewish leaders of tomorrow receive the best possible education today.

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